Loving God

How could I truly love someone I do not know? We get to know people better by spending time with them. Quality time. With God, it’s no different…

Knowing Him means spending time reading His word to understand His nature, His attributes, His promises, His plans and purpose for my life and His ultimate show of love for me through the sacrificial death of His Son on the cross, for me. Knowing Him, means spending time in conversation with Him through prayer – not only talking to Him, but also listening and seeking to hear His voice as well.

We cannot truly love someone we do not know. We come to know people through spending quality time and conversation. We come to love them, by knowing them. We come to love them even more, when they capture our hearts, minds and souls. With God, it’s no different…except that we must take it a step further and ask Him to help us to love Him.

When we love someone, we desire to spend as much time with them as possible. When we love them we are willing to sacrifice our time, our priorities, our energies and resources for them. When we love them, we may even be willing to put our lives on the line for them, if the circumstances require.

When we love them, it’s always about them not us. I love my family dearly and I will do anything for them in a heartbeat and without a second thought. But I ask myself if I do the same for a God that has shown nothing but love for me, and it saddens me that I often get it wrong than right; and often put my agenda and my priorities before His.

I have come to realise that we cannot come to love Him in and of ourselves. We need help.

As we spend time reading his word and as we spend time in prayer, we must also ask Him to give us a capacity to love Him. We must ask Him to place within us a passion to love him. We must ask Him to give us the desire to make Him “front and centre” in every aspect of our lives.

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