Right Kind of Faith

“And without faith, it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

The passage is a sober reminder that our choices, thoughts and actions must constantly reflect a life of faith. Not faith in ourselves and our own abilities, not faith in money or material wealth, not faith in family and friends, but faith in God. Faith in our Father and our Creator.

Faith in Him, not only because while everything else in our lives will one day cease to exist (ourselves included) and He does not, but faith in Him because it pleases Him when we do so.

If our faith is not in God, then our faith lies in something else. And if we really think about it, nothing else measures up. Unlike Christ, whatever else we put our faith and trust in, no matter how concrete, powerful, certain and unshakeable it may appear, will one day pass away and be no more, just like us.

If we do not take the opportunity to nurture a personal relationship with Christ, based on faith and trust, what then will become of us if the things that appear unshakeable become shaken, and the things that appear concrete and certain, fade away? What then becomes of us?

While huge socio-economic gaps exist, we nonetheless live in a time of unparalleled wealth and prosperity. We live in a time when we have more and enjoy more than any other period in human history, and many have come to put their faith and trust in their accomplishments, their careers, their wealth, their social networks and in themselves. Where is the need for God when they can take care of their own wants and needs? The core of their lives revolves around that “something else” not God.

On the outside, many may exude success, confidence and accomplishments, but the sad truth is that their emotional, mental and spiritual states tell a completely different story. The outside looks great but on the inside, many are lonely, depressed, dejected and often times feel disconnected or lost.

When faith and trust is placed in anything else but Christ, we cannot enjoy true peace. Real peace. Lasting peace. Anyone who has placed their complete faith and trust in Christ in the midst of seemingly impossible challenges, will know the sort of peace I am talking about. It is not a “self-denial” sort of peace but the type of peace that comes from putting one’s trust in the creator of the universe while acknowledging the reality of the situation.

The sort of peace that comes from placing one’s faith and trust in an infinite God who has infinite ability to turn every circumstance in our life for our good, in ways that our finite human minds cannot even remotely begin to comprehend.

It’s the type of peace that says, “Lord, I see how things are. I don’t know you’re going to handle this but I know you will; and whatever the outcome, I know your solution will ultimately be better than anything I could have desired for myself.”

Femi Adebanji

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