Where Is God?

There are times in life when we face seemingly impossible challenges. We are perplexed and overwhelmed by situations that offer no solution or no help appears to be in sight. Sometimes the situation appears so terrifying that unless God Himself intervened, all hope is lost.

Sometimes, tragedy strikes and we wonder if God were so loving and kind, how could He have permitted such pain in our lives. We are inconsolable, confused and yet, amid it all, God seems silent.

Oftentimes, God does not save us from our challenges but in the midst of our challenges in ways and means only He execute. Other times, He uses tragedies and disasters, painful as they may be, to achieve a transformational process of change in our lives that set us on the path of becoming the people He envisions us to be. In His own way, which we often times cannot fathom or understand, He takes our pain, confusion and tragedies and uses them as a launching pad for greater purposes in our lives.

You see, God never promised that we would go through life without pain, trials and challenges – He did promise to be with us through every step of the way, if we would trust in Him, His way and His purpose for our lives.

He may have appeared silent in the midst of the storm, but when we look back, months, years or decades later, we can almost always pinpoint His hand, guidance and providence in the midst of our pain, trials and challenges.

But first, we would need to trust in Him, His way and trust that His plans for us are always infinitely better than anything we could have envisioned for ourselves.

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