Unchanging God

Uncomfortable for many but true nonetheless is the fact that God hates sin. Yet, His love for us is immeasurable.Yes, God is loving, forgiving and compassionate beyond measure but it is also true that He is holy and righteous and cannot stand sin.Unfortunately, we cannot pick and choose the characteristics of God that we are comfortable – because doing so will in effect mean that we are creating our own “version” of God.God is loving, righteous and holy and will not change his nature to make us more comfortable.We must accept Him as He is, or not at all. He is God, we are not.The challenge with today’s view of God is that we have created a “god” that makes us feel more comfortable and less convicted.We have created a “god” that is there to serve our needs, give us all our heart’s desires while turning a blind eye to our sins and rebellion.A “god” we can approach when we need Him, otherwise we have no real need of Him.A “god” that permits us to live our lives autonomous of Him and never demands of us to submit every facet of lives to Him, fully and completely.We have created a god not to be served, but one that serves us, because we have taken the place that rightfully belongs to him and have made ourselves “god”.We put ourselves, (our needs, desires, ambitions, and agendas), upon a throne in our hearts, that should rightfully be His. The fact is that God is both Saviour and King and demands to be worshiped and submitted to as such.Remember, whether we like it or not, He is the creator and we are the “creation”.No amount of logic, intelligent debate, or argument will unhinge that. We were not created so that we can live selfishly for ourselves but instead we were created to live every minute of our lives in a way and manner that bring glory to His name.Therefore, He will not change his nature to make Himself more “politically correct” or make us “more comfortable” with Him. He has already confirmed the ultimate show of His love for us through the sacrifice of His Son in our place. He has no need to prove Himself to anyone, least of all us.He is God, end of story and we must either accept Him as He is or not at all – notwithstanding our decision, though, His love for us remains.Creating a caricature of Him that demands less of us, makes us feel more comfortable and excuses sin our lives, is both a dishonour and perversion of His nature.He encompasses both infinite love and infinite holiness.
He will only begin to powerfully transform our hearts, impact our lives, and use us in ways we never dreamed of, when we make Christ the center and not ourselves.- ISAIAH

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