Edge of Eternity

Every second, 2 people on average die all over the world.

By the time this blog is over, 3600 people would have died and by the end of today, over 150,000 people will be no more…

Many of them, like you and I, would have got up this morning, planned the day ahead, kissed their loved ones goodbye, went off to work, planned for the weekend, have concerns and worries, dreams and aspirations…but the fact is this – over 150,000 will not make it till the end of the day.

That could include me or you. No one guarantees us tomorrow. In this game of life, no one make it out alive. No one.

And death as uncomfortable as the subject is, is one we must reflect on seriously not in a negative way but in way that allows us to put every word, deed and action into proper context…

Because in the context of the eternal destiny of our souls, many of the things we focus on in this world – our ambitions, entertainment, leisure, worries, concerns, aspirations, the cars we drive, the size of our homes, the clothes we wear, the amount of money in our bank accounts, bills, etc, have absolutely no significance.

Zero significance whatsoever. Zero.

It is what we do with Christ in this world, that has the ultimate significance. It is whether or not we accept or reject him in this world that will determine whether or not he will accept or reject us in the next.

Cemeteries are filled with countless men and women who once challenged God’s will and love. Who rejected him and made no space for Him in their lives.

They allowed the deceptive nature and distractions of this world to fool them into believing that death would never come. That their decisions and actions in this life have no consequences in the next. That there is no God to hold them accountable.

They were lulled into a ‘false sense of security’ by the pleasures and distractions of this world until death came suddenly and unannounced; and in the blink of an eye the unthinkable became a reality – they found themselves in the presence of an almighty God. A God whose power they refused to acknowledge. Their creator, whom they refused to submit to.

Where are they today?

Their ‘wisdom’ and ‘intellect’ cannot resurrect or raise them. Their ‘knowledge’ cannot give them a second shot at life, not even for a second. All they chased in this life, all their accomplishments and achievements has become nothing but dust, like them. Like you and I will be someday.

All their excuses and refusal to acknowledge Him in this life will not save them from the terrifying reality of having to come face to face with Him in the next life. The very late but terrifying realization that not only is there a supreme God, but also that we will be held accountable for every deed, thought and action and also be held accountable for what we did with Christ and how we lived for him.

They sacrificed the eternal destiny of their souls for the very temporary and fleeting pleasures, distractions and attractions of this world.

They gained the whole world, had the praise, respect and validations of men but lost their souls in the process.

Where are they today?

Because they made their choice in this life to separate themselves from all loving and all redeeming God, God has honored their wishes in the hereafter and they are now eternally separated from Him. Just as they wished.

Their souls will never again have the opportunity to experience Gods love, mercy and grace. By living for themselves instead of God’s purpose, they sealed their eternal fate. They sealed their eternal fate, not for a day, not a year not even a hundred years. They are eternally separated from God, forever.

Every second of breath that God gives us is gift of love and an opportunity. An opportunity to acknowledge him as God, submit to his will and live a life that honors him. An opportunity to accept Christ, as Savior, redeemer and King. An opportunity to turn away from living for ourselves and to live for him and his glory and his purpose.

3600 people have now lost that opportunity and the eternal fate of their souls is now permanently fixed. They will never return to change their decisions, make amends, or have another opportunity to turn to God.

Where they are now is completely dependent on what they did with their opportunity. There are no more second chances.

It is what we do with Christ in this life that determines what he does with us in the next.

What will you do with your opportunity?

– Femi Adebanji

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