Even When it’s Hard, Trust…

“We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” 2 Chronicles 20:12

Trust is an increasingly diminishing currency in today’s society but if there is someone worthy of trust, it is our God.

As human beings we are very prone to trusting in our own abilities, our own strength and our own wisdom – which often lead to pride, draw us away from God, make us vulnerable to the world and the enemy, and ultimately threatens the eternal state of our souls.

So out of His love for us, God permits overwhelming situations and circumstances to sometimes come into our lives so that we can be saved through those circumstances.

Situations where we come to see that our abilities, our strength and wisdom mean nothing. Where all pride is stripped away and we come to see, truly see, that all that we have and all that we are are because of Him and Him alone.

Situations that are so overwhelmingly that we come to the very end of ourselves and have no other choice but to trust in Him and rely on Him completely.

It is when we get to this point and let go of every bit of self reliance and self dependence that our God begins to truly work and manifest Himself, powerfully. You might not see it now but one day you’ll look back and will see that He was with you every step of the way. Every step.

I have come to learn this precious lesson through every major tragedy in my life – from the loss of our daughter to life-threatening health challenges, and everything else in between. In the midst of my storms God seemed far away and distant, I was angry, I questioned Him, asked Him “why me?” but when I look back He was there with me, every step. And it was His love and strength that saw me through.

I don’t know what situations or circumstances you may be experiencing and I don’t know if you at the point where you have come to end of yourself. But the only way out is through, and trusting Him in the process.

What I do know is that every situation in your life is in His hand and if you continue to trust and submit to Him, He will save you through the situation and use that situation to fulfil a greater purpose in your life than you could never have imagined.

Right now in the midst of your turmoil, He wants to stand by you and be your strength every step of the way. In spite of your pain, heartache, tears and sorrow, He wants you to trust that His love will bring you through.

Oftentimes God uses these situations as a means of getting our attention and drawing us closer. As a means of taking our eyes off our own strength and abilities and depending solely and squarely upon Him.

When our eyes are squarely upon Christ, our backs are to the attractions and distractions of this world. When our eyes are squarely upon God and our backs to the world, things of major consequence such as the eternal state of our souls make the fleeting pleasures of this life pale in comparison. We begin to see clearly what is important.

It is when our eyes are squarely upon Christ that we see that the peace, comfort and strength He offers us in the midst of our tragedies far outweigh what this world offers. It is when our eyes are upon Him that we see that His precious promises are infinitely greater than anything the world could ever place before us.

So, no matter the outcome of your situation, you will come through having experienced Him in a real way, knowing Him better, trusting Him more, and loving him more

If you choose to trust.

– Femi Adebanji

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