God Still Knows Best

We live in a society that is pushing God out at a fiercely rapid pace. We push Him out because we think we know better than He does. We push Him out because we believe that we can do a better job than He can – in our society and in our lives.

Yet, the evidence that surrounds us points to the contrary – our society is a mess and often-times so are our lives. Our society is a mess because in our own so-called “wisdom” we have become deceived; and deceived thinking creates catastrophic results. Just take a look at society.

We refuse to accept that we are sinful and flawed and God is Holy and Absolute. We refuse to submit to His way, His love and His authority . In our pride, we refuse to accept our role as the “created” and His role as the creator. We want God to conform Himself to us instead of us conforming to His ways, His will and a developing Christ-like character.

We want a “god” that makes us feel good about ourselves. A “god” that will compromise. A “god” that will not hold us accountable. A “god” that will turn a blind eye to our rebellion against Him, but whom we expect to be there for us in our darkest moments and greatest times of need.

We the creature want to dictate to the creator. We the created want to instruct an all knowing and all powerful and infinite God how we choose to live. We want a “god” of our own making, a god fashioned after our own imaginations, desires and nature. In essence, we want a god that is a miniature version of ourselves. And if the evil we see in our society is anything to judge by, wanting a god fashioned after ourselves is truly foolish thinking; and foolish thinking creates foolish results.

But in spite of however far we have drifted from Him, He is still a God of mercy. Inspite of however much we have pushed him out of our lives, society, schools, and businesses, He is still a God of grace. Even though counterfeit versions of Him are being peddled in many churches today, leading many astray, He remains a God of love and a God of second chances.

But we can only experience His love, mercy, and grace when we accept His role as Sovereign God and our role as the created. We can only experience His love mercy and grace when we submit to His will and not our own. We can only experience His love, mercy, and grace when we accept Him as the one true God and not attempt to create a “god” of our own making.

God is true to His word, He will draw near to us, if we draw near to Him. The decision is ours.

His love, mercy and grace are always available to us while we still draw breath. Once we cross over to the other side of eternity, the consequences of our choice in this life cannot be reversed.

The choice is ours to make.

– Femi Adebanji

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