God Will Make A Way

Christ had performed all manners of miracles before His disciples. Before their eyes they had seen Christ make the impossible possible for countless people. They had seen the evidence of His power and authority in the lives of others – sicknesses healed, sight restored, the possessed set free and so on.

They had seen Christ’s absolute power and authority and Christ’s desire to set people free physically and spiritually. The evidence was there and they logically had no reason to doubt Him, until the storm arose in their own life. A tempest arose in the sea, their ship was covered in waves, their lives was in danger, and yet in the midst of the tempest, Christ was asleep…

They probably thought they had an unshakable faith in Christ. Based on the miracles they had repeatedly witnessed Him perform, they probably thought they trusted Him absolutely, without any shadow of a doubt…until the tempest arose, their lives were threatened and the weakness of their faith became laid bare.

In spite of all the previous evidence that confirmed that nothing is impossible for Christ, in spite of all the prior evidence that confirmed that Christ had absolute authority over everything on earth and in heaven, in spite of all the evidence that confirmed that He was God in the flesh who loves and cares for us, when “their own storm” , they doubted the very evidence of Christ’s power which they had witnessed time and again with their own eyes. When the situation seemed impossible, when death was at the door, fear gripped them and the weakness of their faith exposed.

The disciples’ reaction, fear and weak faith in the face of an impossible situation reveals the frailty of our human nature. We always seem to have enough faith only for the “last disaster” and as soon as we are faced with a new challenge, we suddenly forget the numerous and mighty ways God had made a way for us in the past. We forget how He made His presence so powerfully felt in the midst of our storms. We are quick to forget how he demonstrated His love and providence to us and held us close when we had nothing and no one else to depend on.

Like the disciples we think “Lord, save me or I perish”. Sometimes we do this because deep down we fear that either our situation is so impossible that it is beyond his power or ability. Other times we do this because we no see no visible changes in our situation, and we begin to think maybe “God is asleep” and has abandoned us in the middle of our “tempest”.

I know this feeling first hand, because I have been there. Been there more times than I am ashamed to admit. But God is good and He is gracious.

He is truly awesome and always seeks the best for us – inspite of how difficult our circumstances may appear. He is an almighty God who understands our human weakness and who faithfully walks with us as we fall and rise but continue to lean on Him. Inspite of our human frailties, He stands by us provided we continue to rely on Him for strength, submit our lives to Him and continually seek His will for our lives. He walks with us, when we get out of the way and let Him be God. God over everything. God over us and over our circumstances.

His way might not be what we expected. He may not answer our prayers in the way we expect, but He will always answer our prayers in accordance with His will and His best purpose for our lives. His ways are not our ways and neither can His thoughts can be compared to ours.

We see and operate in the finite, our God sees and operates in the infinite. Our ways and methods are limited, but there is no end to His wisdom, power, and ways.

So, when we doubt God, we must remember that He is not asleep in our storms, He is simply working behind the scenes to make a way where there seems to be no way.


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