More Than Conquerors

“ In all these things, we are more than conquerors, through Him who loved us”. Romans 8:37.

Followers of Christ face a real enemy. Satan is real. He is not a concept, he is not some idea but a real and existent enemy. A real enemy but a defeated one. A defeated enemy existing on borrowed time.

Because he knows he is defeated and his time is short, he is constantly attempting to subvert every good thing God has ever done or will ever do in this world; to invert and corrupt everything pure and holy that our God stands for and to sabotage every good work and every good seed that God has planted in the lives of His children.

We face a real enemy and a highly motivated one at that. An enemy that takes no holidays, no weekends off and plays by no rules. An enemy that is relentless in his pursuit of undermining our faith and weakening our walk with God.

He continually attempts to take our eyes and focus off our Saviour by constantly tempting us with the pleasures of this world or burdening us with the fears, worries and concerns of life.

He constantly and subtly attempts to entice us into fulfilling the desires and selfish ambitions of our flesh, until our passion and desire for Christ begins to wane and our hearts begin to grow cold.

He daily presents before us all the riches, wealth, and material pleasures of this world – all of which we can have, if only we would turn our backs to our God and live for ourselves. Live like the rest of the world. Live for him.

And if the attractions and lies of this world do not sway us or dim our passion for Christ, he will change tactic and come against us with every negative situation, fear, and wrath possible – all in attempt to make us question God’s love for us, question the very existent of God and even turn our backs to God. And in the midst of our pain and suffering, he will whisper in our ears, “where is your God?”

Christ has called us out of the world. He has not saved us to be silent, but to proclaim His name. We have an enemy that constantly seeks to call us back into the world and silence us from boldly proclaiming Christ’s name – and he will use whatever means possible.

But Romans 8: 37 reminds us that “we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”. As long as we continue to rely on Christ for strength and not ourselves, as long as we continue to seek Christ’s will and purpose for our lives and not our own, and as long as we do not become complacent in our walk with God, we are more than able to overcome whatever the enemy throws at us.

I am not saying there will be no tears, I am not saying there will not be heartbreak and I am not saying there will be no pain when the enemy comes against us. Often times the situation will appear dark and hopeless and Christ will even seem to be distant. But He never is.

He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us and in the midst of our tears, heartbreak and pain, Christ will be there. God never promised us that in this life we would never experience pain, but He did promise to be with us in the midst of our pain – as long as we continue to hold onto Him and trust in Him alone.

And when we look back after the trial has passed, we will see that it was only through His strength and power that we “conquered” the trial. When we look back, we will see His hand bearing us up every step of the way and we see how in His own miraculous way, He made a way. When we look back, we will come to the realisation that in the midst of our darkness, it was His light and love that guided us through.

When we look back we will see that He turned what the enemy meant for our downfall and transformed it for our good.
We face a real enemy, but he is a defeated one. He is an enemy that is relentlessly and desperately battling us, because he knows he has lost the war.

But we must never ever forget that no matter how deep the pain may be, no matter how dark the day may be and no matter how hopeless our situation may appear, our God is ever present and He will see us through.

As long as is it to Christ alone we look for strength, as long as it is in Him alone we place our hope, and as long as it is His purpose that is paramount in our lives, we will more than conquerors. After all, if God is for us, who can be against us?

– Femi Adebanji

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