Seeking God’s Purpose

“And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8: 28

Remember God can make every good, every bad, every experience, every heartache and every blessing, work together for our ultimate good, simply because He is God and He can. We sometimes find it hard to wrap our heads around this fact because we are human and we are finite in our being and our thinking.

God on the other hand is not only infinite in his being and thinking, but is also omniscient and all knowing. When faced with a challenge, the mind of a finite creature can only come up with a limited number of solutions because there is a limitation to what he can do and how far he can see ahead.

With our God, the end of infinity is the beginning of His wisdom, hence there are simply no limitations to His solutions or His capability – and this is why He can make “every situation” in our lives work together for our good – no matter how disconnected, extreme or impossible the situation may seem.

If all things are to work together for good, and if we are to experience the infinite power of God in our lives, we must not only love Him, but we must be called according His purpose. It means we are to set aside our own agenda, our own ambitions and our own aspirations and seek only one purpose – His purpose.

It means that we must constantly seek to make His purpose our purpose and not “force our purpose” upon Him. When we truly love someone, their purpose supersedes our purpose. We put their agenda before ours. They become more and we become less.

The same applies to God. Seeking to put His purpose before ours and putting His agenda before our own convenience and priorities is a reflection of our love for and obedience to Him.


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