Unimaginable Love

Sometimes, we feel like we have failed God. That we are too far gone. That we cannot return. That He wants nothing to do with us. But you see, nothing could be further from the truth..

You see, we often forget a simple but profound fact – God never takes the easy way out. No matter how distant or far gone we think we are, as a loving Father, He’s deepest desire is that we return.

It would have been just and far easier for Him to dish out to us the punishment we rightfully deserve for our sin and rebellion against Him, because after all, we would deserve it.

It would have been far easier to eternally separate us from His presence for our rebellion and for not really wanting anything to do with him. That, after all would have been the easier and just approach that many of us would have taken.

But you see God is nothing like us…

Instead of taking the “easier” route, He chose the hardest possible route to prove to us just how much He cared for us and just how much we meant to Him.

We should always see our value in God’s eyes not based on “how good we are” or “all the great things we’ve done”. Rather, we should see our value in His eyes through the infinite value of the person who took our place and took our punishment upon himself – His own Son.

No other price could possibly have been greater…

Yes, before a Holy God, sin must be atoned for and it was, but God simultaneously confirmed His love for us by having that sin atoned for through what was most precious to Him – His one and only son.

He made the first move. He showed me his infinite love, even when I showed him hatred and wanted nothing to do with Him.

That’s why He is God, and we are not.

Our preciousness in God’s eyes must not be measured by our own actions or character. Our preciousness in God’s eyes can only be appreciated when we look at the one who bore the price of our sins and rebellion – His own Son.

It would have been far easier for God to deal with us as we deserve, but you see, He never takes the easy way out.


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