What Is Your Soul Worth?

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36

If you place all the wealth, success, prosperity and accomplishments of the entire world on a scale, all of them combined cannot compare to the value and worth of a single human soul.

That is the value of your soul.

That is why Christ died so that your soul may be saved and never have to be eternally separated from God when you die. And yet, very often we treat His sacrifice with indifference, we avoid it because it is at odds with our material desires for this world and many treat it with outright disdain and rebellion.

All the wealth, success and recognition of the world is as abject poverty compared to the infinite spiritual riches, blessings and grace God has in store for us.

Truly Mankind’s condition is a sad one – we reject God’s peace and seek the world’s lies, we reject God’s riches and embrace the world’s poverty, we reject Christ’s love and embrace the fake and fleeting “love” the world sells us, we rejects God’s way and seek our own, we rebel against salvation and rush unbridled towards eternal damnation…

All the while, Christ patiently and lovingly waits for us to turn to Him… But there’s no guarantee that that we will have that opportunity tomorrow or even tonight. Death walks with us all and sometimes far closer than we think…

A person may spend their entire life seeking success in this world but if all of that was done at the expense of making God the centre of their life, that life was a wasted life.

Ever wonder why people can have all the fame and success in the world and are still depressed?
Ever wonder why they have all the money in the world and still commit suicide?
Ever wonder why they have countless friends and followers on social media and yet, have never felt lonelier?

Matthew 8:24 relates the account of the disciples caught in a furious storm. While they panicked and feared for their lives, Christ was fast asleep – completely at peace in the storm. Why? Because He is the peace and all things have been placed under His feet and His authority.

Christ’s peace is available to us so that even as the storms of life rage around us and as the waves of our struggles threaten to drown us, we can have peace knowing that the creator of the universe, the Son of God is still in control of our situation.

It Christ that has the final say over our lives; and in spite of how our current situation may appear, the plans He has for us is good…and He still remains firmly upon the throne.

Having the whole world but not Christ, only leads to emptiness in this life and a tragedy beyond description in the next.

But when all you have is Christ, then you have more that you’ll ever need – in this world and the next.

Don’t seek the world first. Seek Christ first and all else will be added into you.

Femi Adebanji

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